Hyggelight Candles


About us

Hyggelight Growing Candles are a beautiful zero waste solution. Our 100% soy candles are hand poured into gorgeous ceramic containers. The twist is, the label around the candle is embedded with wildflower seeds, allowing you reuse the container to plant a little garden. Our candles combine the best of the cozy indoors and the beautiful outdoors, making homes come alive in every season.

Policies overview

We strive to provide you with great service. Our minimum order requirement is $300 which typically means a minimum of 12 candles. The great part is that you can mix and match any type of candles you want, including different pots and scents. Just message us here and we can put together a custom order with your choice of candles.

Refund and exchange policies

If a candle is broken during shipment we will replace it for free. Time stamped photos would be helpful for us to verify that the shipment has been damaged in transit. We cannot replace candles broken due to buyer error.

Policy on providing samples

We have options for providing samples to eligible businesses. Eligible businesses include those with valid reseller certificates or other proof of business use. Please contact us for more information.

Policy on customization

None at this time. We may be open to offers.

Policy on shipping, packaging, and lead time

Any order up to 200 candles can be filled within 5 business days. Very often we can ship the next business day. Any order up to 1000 candles can be filled within 10 business days.

Additional policies and FAQs

We are here to help guide you if desired. We are happy to share information on which candles and order types have worked best for different customer demographics.